Monthly Archives: September 2014

Add Style to Your Bedroom with Sliding Glass Wardrobes

Fixing wardrobes with sliding doors has always been a favourite design choice by homeowners. They add a sense of refinement through sleek, clean aesthetic appeal, while being very ergonomic. Sliding doors don’t just look great, however, they are also… Read More

Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms today have become more than just a space for bathing and keeping clean. More homeowners are starting to transform their space into a relaxing sanctuary complete with all sorts of luxuries previously unseen in this once basic space.… Read More

How Tough is Toughened Glass?

When it comes to safety, almost everyone trusts toughened glass – be it for windshields, shower screens, or wall panels. Indeed, this material is one of the finest construction products around, especially with the way you can keep your… Read More

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