Monthly Archives: March 2015

How to Create the Perfect Bathroom

As part of your home, it’s only understandable that you also take time designing the perfect bathroom. Moreover, working with a limited amount of space will make it easier to decide what fixtures to add to make it comfortable… Read More

Simple Improvements that Increases Your Estate’s Value

It is no secret that home improvements, no matter how minor it is, significantly raises the selling value of a home. A valuer assesses a property on a number of merits. On top of room sizes and renovation potential,… Read More

Installing Glass on Glass

There’s a certain mystical quality about a frameless shower screen and most of it can be attributed to the act that it looks like its floating in mid-air. The only parts keeping it in place are the metal holders… Read More

Here’s Why You Need Glass Fences for your Pool

Initially, you may think of glass fences near the pool side as just decorations. Some may brush it off as an unnecessary accessory. What you may note realise is that underneath the attractive, transparent surfaces, lie benefits that may… Read More

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