Monthly Archives: January 2016

Redesigning Your Shower: Modernising with Frameless Glass

The age of convoluted designs and extravagant ornaments is long gone, paving the way for more modern designs. While you may think it’s strictly for the living spaces of your home, your bathroom shouldn’t be left out. In fact,… Read More

Bathroom Renovations: Why Choose Shower Frames Over Curtains

Renovations help bring out the best in your home, but what you install can make a difference. If you want your shower to look as high-end as possible, you need to install fittings that best complement the size and… Read More

Only the Best (Design) Will Do for Your Kitchen

Today’s kitchens are not just utilitarian spaces in your homes. Apart from being the cooking room, it is where you also spend time with the family, share meals, impart knowledge and sometimes get some other work done. Modern kitchens… Read More

Commercial Pool Safety: Why Glass Fencing Reigns Supreme

Visitor safety is the number one priority in commercial pools, and although it’s technically a controlled environment, the risks of swimming in a pool are as prevalent as being in open water. Accidentally falling into the pool is surprisingly… Read More

Handrail Exemptions

Australian regulations are known the world over for being some of the strictest and most comprehensive set of rules for anything and everything. This is a good thing, as all of those rules are written and imposed to ensure… Read More

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