Monthly Archives: April 2016

Modernising Your Kitchen: Adding an Elegant Splashback

As the kitchen is one of the most important areas in your home, you must pay attention to its design and layout. If you are planning a renovation project, we have a brilliant idea to share with you. Why… Read More

How to Bring Luxury into Your Bathroom

There are reasons hotel owners design their bathrooms like it is the most important part of the rooms. It is not just to impress their guests or to make their rooms classy. They do so to make their guests… Read More

Bathroom Hygiene Over Aesthetics: Setting Priorities

One thing everybody wants is a nice and clean bathroom. A way of achieving this is making sure the shower water is in the actual shower, not all over the bathroom floor. While the usual framed shower screen can… Read More

Art for Your Splashbacks: Go or No?

Glass splashbacks are such a classy addition to any kitchen. No tile, concrete and other material concoctions produce the same feel as glass splashbacks. A premium price tag comes with the looks and aura around it, but it is… Read More

Bringing the Love of Glass by Renaissance Venetian Craftsmen to Australia

We here at Perth City Glass see our work as more than just a part of an industry or business, but as an art form as well. Clients trust our quality glass solutions, as we uphold a focus on… Read More

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