Add Style to Your Bedroom with Sliding Glass Wardrobes

Fixing wardrobes with sliding doors has always been a favourite design choice by homeowners. They add a sense of refinement through sleek, clean aesthetic appeal, while being very ergonomic. Sliding doors don’t just look great, however, they are also very practical; doors that swing open need far more space, and could limit your furniture placement options.

As your bedroom probably doesn’t have much room to spare, this is a major advantage. But you might be wondering, why use glass for this? Wouldn’t aluminium or wood do the job just fine? Well, glass has certain advantages that you just can’t find with other materials.

So, what’s the big deal with glass?

One of the most well-known interior design principles is that intelligently using glass can make rooms seem much bigger, and this case is no exception.

Wardrobe doors made from solid materials, such as wood, though elegant in their own right, tend to feel restrictive, and can make an already limited space seem even smaller. While they do add a sense of privacy, these doors can also create an oppressive and uncomfortable atmosphere – hardly what you want in your bedroom.

For a modern and seamless design, glass wardrobe doors are king. They work perfectly if you’re going for a romantic and intimate look to your bedroom. Rather than dividing your space into two distinct areas, glass sliding doors make the wardrobe a natural extension of the room. Pair them with similar design options, such as a sliding wall that opens up to the balcony for a truly breathtaking result.

Designing, manufacturing, and installing sliding glass wardrobes is just one of our many services. We will personally visit your home to measure the space and discuss customisation choices, so you can be sure that it will be just the way you want it.

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