Art for Your Splashbacks: Go or No?

Glass splashbacks are such a classy addition to any kitchen. No tile, concrete and other material concoctions produce the same feel as glass splashbacks. A premium price tag comes with the looks and aura around it, but it is safe to say that you will not mind paying more once you see the final product. At Perth City Glass, our services give more than your money’s worth. We source, inform and install, just so you would not have to look for another contractor.

For many homeowners, however, the plain and glossy finish of usual splashbacks is dull. We can understand, as we have worked with numerous clients with varying preferences. Some preferred splashbacks with another shade, while others wanted their kitchen to have a full-on splashback cathedral. But design-wise, it is possible to put art on your new kitchen interiors.

So, Should You?

Well, no — at least not literally. If you do not have any working expertise in applying art on surfaces, you should not. It is possible, but you should most definitely leave it to a professional. If it is possible, we will source splashbacks with art on them to make the process easier for you.

Painting is challenging on glossy, slippy surfaces, providing more reasons for you to hire a subcontractor for the job. As for the splashbacks, you can count on us to install the materials competently. We will make sure that everything is stable just in case you want to apply art.

Limited to Kitchens?

PCG can work anywhere in a house or an office. Splashbacks are fantastic when applied properly and we make it possible to have it anywhere on your property. Its looks are decidedly more handsome than regular walls. You will deal with one person with us, ensuring consistencies all over the project.

If you aim to have a truly lovely home, durable and stylish splashbacks are a good choice. Let us do the work for you. PCG serves the Perth metro and county areas, providing great value for your money.

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