Bathroom Hygiene Over Aesthetics: Setting Priorities

One thing everybody wants is a nice and clean bathroom. A way of achieving this is making sure the shower water is in the actual shower, not all over the bathroom floor. While the usual framed shower screen can do the job, frameless shower screens are a better alternative.

It’s time to face reality. We don’t always get what we want. But if we were offered something both practical and visually appealing, who wouldn’t take it, right? Here’s why having frameless shower screens makes a win-win situation.

The Sensible Side

A frameless shower screen saves us the hassle of constant maintenance. The thick, heavy glass of a frameless screen makes it sturdy and durable. Soap suds and other dirt usually get stuck if showers have metal frames. The polished edges of a frameless one accumulate less grime. Less moisture makes it easier to clean.

Frameless shower screens make way for light to enter the shower. It also saves bathroom space.

The Aesthetics

Of course, good quality is balanced with good looks. The seamless corners of frameless screens automatically add visual appeal to any bathroom. It makes the décor look sleek and luxurious. Most of us take time choosing our bathroom tiles, and frameless shower screens give them the chance to stand out. What’s more, because there are no metal frames, the structure is not confined to looking like a quintessential shower box.

The Best of Both

Installing frameless screens in the shower is hitting two birds with one stone. We don’t have to clean the bathroom as meticulously, and it will always look pretty. Having frameless shower screens is quite an economical choice—it gives you value for your money.

Here at Perth City Glass, we make your bathroom as stylish as it is practical. Contact us to learn more.


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