Bathroom Renovation Tip: Go Frameless or Don’t Do it at All

Let’s face it. When remodelling your bathroom, your priority is added aesthetics. No one can blame you for that. What homeowner doesn’t want a stylish and elegant bathroom?

We understand this need. Over the years, Perth City Glass has served enough clients to know what they want. That’s why we encourage everyone to go for frameless shower doors.

The Modern Mantra: “Less is More”

Minimalism is a trend now, from written art to home design. For many modern designers and artists, less is more.

Frameless glass was invented for this reason. People wanted to minimise, yet maintain style. They couldn’t do that by simply stripping off most of the material without losing its artistic effect. So why not just trim the corners? This, apparently, solved their problem.

Seeing Clear: What Sets Frameless Glass Apart

The absence of frames actually does wonders.

For one, it makes the doors easy to maintain. Because there are no track and frame wherein grime and dirt can collect, it saves you so much time on cleaning. Also, the tracks on traditional shower doors are likely to corrode over time due to water exposure, so going frameless also solves your problems on replacement costs.

Second, the first hand witness would tell you, “Because it’s beautiful, what more do you want?” While that’s true, the beauty of frameless glass extends beyond its aesthetic value.

From the established appeal, follows the economic benefit. For one, it increases the market value of your home. A bathroom that conforms to the preferences of the modern homebuyer can boost your chances of a sale in the future.

Following that, frameless shower doors can be a wise form of investment.

Right now, as you plan the next home renovation, you’re thinking you want something stylish and modern, something easy to clean and maintain. With frameless shower doors, you can have it all.

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