Bathroom Renovations: Why Choose Shower Frames Over Curtains

Renovations help bring out the best in your home, but what you install can make a difference. If you want your shower to look as high-end as possible, you need to install fittings that best complement the size and theme of your bathroom. A good example is choosing between shower frames and curtains. Here are some reasons we recommend going for a shower frame:

Increased Space

Small bathroom spaces benefit from transparency because it allows light — natural or artificial — to enter. By choosing shower frames and doors, you can extend the eye view since it is made of glass. Shower curtains, on the other hand, may or may not make your bathroom look brighter. The design and material could be blocking most of the light and stopping the eye view midway.

Design Choices

Shower curtains may come in different designs and patterns, but they can be distracting. If you want to highlight other parts of your bathroom, they can steal the show. With shower frames, you only choose whether to have a framed or frameless type.

In addition, mildew and staining could take place if you do not let shower curtains to dry properly. Having unsightly stains could mean replacement, unlike glass that you simply need to wipe the surface.

Water Splashes

The choice between shower frames and shower curtains go beyond appearance. You need to consider their function, too. Having a dry floor means lower risks of slipping. Shower glass frames and doors enclose the entire shower area, so water will not splash outside. As for shower curtains, there is a little chance that water will leak because curtains do not go all the way down the floor.

At Perth City Glass, we can give your outdated bathroom a makeover. Let us install stylish glass shower screens and improve the aesthetic and function of your space. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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