Beautiful Matters in the Bathroom, But You Need to Mind Your Budget

Most homeowners do not allocate a big enough budget for their bathroom, failing to realise just how much time is spent inside, and how almost every day actually starts after a quick trip inside. More importantly, it is still a part of your house. You want it to have a great design, functional fixtures and a pleasant effect on your mood.

Nonetheless, there are many other parts of your home you want to spend more money on. You may have already set a budget for your bathroom, so Perth City Glass is only here to help you prioritise the important stuff.

Bath Enclosure

It is hard to achieve a luxurious feel without actually spending a fortune. But, we reckon that with one of our frameless shower screens, you can have a five-star experience in your bathroom. These are the modern design trends you want to have simply because it creates a contemporary atmosphere. You do not want to feel left out just because you did not bother spending a little more.


Tiles have more to do with safety and looks than luxury. Surely, there are tiles made specifically for use inside the bathroom. But be very careful making a selection. The ideal type is the one that does not increase slipperiness and is comfortable to step on. If you have some more to spare, you can even have the contractor install an underfloor heater.


You do not need a lot of these things, so it would be understandable if you get the more expensive ones. Remember, chrome is not always the best make for showerheads and faucets. It is best to pick stuff that blends with the overall design of the bathroom.

As for cabinets, anything sturdy enough should be fine. We here at Perth City Glass can provide and install the stylish frameless shower screen for you. We also offer other glass-related services, including installation of splashbacks, fencing and other products.

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