How to Bring Luxury into Your Bathroom

There are reasons hotel owners design their bathrooms like it is the most important part of the rooms. It is not just to impress their guests or to make their rooms classy. They do so to make their guests comfortable. If luxurious bathroom designs work for big hotel brands, it will surely work for your home as well.

Guests rate hotels based on what they see and experience during their stay, and bathrooms are among the main factors they consider. For them, a bathroom is more than just a place to freshen up. The design, fixtures and other features affect the overall accommodation experience. The same is true with your home. Your guests will appreciate the cleanliness and luxurious feel of your bathroom.

So how will you bring that hotel luxury into your home and which features will you incorporate into your residential bathroom design?

Size Matters

Hotels are investing in bigger guest bathrooms. Research shows that bathrooms will consume more floor space and expand up to 50% of the total hotel room. It would be easier for you, your family and your guests to move around and do what you have to do if you have a spacious bathroom.

Spa-Like Bathroom Features

Everybody loves luxurious, spa-like bathrooms. When designing yours, think like a hotel owner. Install oversized mirrors and bathtubs. We can help you with this. Add creatively designed vanities and provide giant towels and beauty items. Make your bathroom smell like a spa – it is as important as keeping the water flowing out of the faucet.

Improved Bath Experience

People love showers. Why not give your family a better bathroom experience by installing glass shower screens? This is a good way to improve the appearance of your bathroom and improve the ambience. It is as good as installing glass kitchen splashbacks to create a modern feel. Our team would be happy to lend a helping hand.

When you feel like bringing the hotel luxury into your home, remember that Perth City Glass is the service provider you can count on. Get in touch with us to get the products and assistance you need for your bathroom construction or redesign project.

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