Bringing The Splashback

No, we are not starting this post with Justin Timberlake lyrics, the title is as far as you get. Honestly, just because the word ends in ‘back’ its 2006 all over again. Speaking of 2006, that’s around the same time when glass splashbacks spiked in popularity as an aesthetic kitchen feature, before interest started to plateau.

Splashbacks had a lot going for them in the pre-global financial crisis era, when splashbacks reflected everything at the time; everything was bright-eyed, shiny, and full of hope for the approach of a new decade.

After that, the world was plunged into a splashback less void that the world had to cope with for the next few years. Fortunately, we’re bringing splashback in a completely new way. The coloured splashbacks we have on offer will brighten up any kitchen, home or office space, making it a more relaxed and inviting space.

There are many reasons to install a splashback in your home, one of which is they’re shiny. No, that’s a real reason. Splashbacks have an amazing shine that reflects light brilliantly, adding brightness to a room without adding to electricity costs. Tiles can’t supply the same effect no matter how polished they are.

People who want splashbacks can even add some style to that shine by changing colours; from bright reds, blues, pinks, greens, and even blacks, almost every colour imaginable is available. Of course, design teams will help with the colour options to ensure all the elements of the room flow together naturally; nobody wants a clashing kitchen after all.

Splashbacks are also made to fit perfectly in any wall or space, that’s because every single splashback is made to order and no one else can use a splashback you ordered. Unless, of course, the dimensions of the other person’s wall is an exact match to yours down to the last millimetre.

Perth City Glass offers the complete service package so that you don’t have to deal with anyone else. Our team will be responsible for surveying, measuring, cutting, and installing the splashback of your dreams. Give us a call to get a free quote and a schedule of service.

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