Clear Glass Bathroom Walls: Sexy or Scary?

In architecture, particularly in modern homes, it’s no longer new to see full-sized clear glass walls. Sometimes, these act as floor-to-ceiling (or, in some cases, multi-floor) windows or subtle dividers that define the borders of certain rooms. But when it comes to bathrooms, this has been a cause for debate.

The Issue of Privacy

Some people value their privacy more than others, which is why clear glass walls in the bathroom are just not going to work for them. This point doesn’t leave much up for argument, as it’s solely based on preferences. It’s important to mention, however, that there are ways to maintain privacy in bathrooms with glass walls, by using curtains and design elements on the wall.

Some also have issues with the effort involved in cleaning glass, although that’s not on the scary side, but more on the lazy side. Plus, there are easy solutions to clean glass anyway, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The Impression of Light

What makes glass walls sexy is the illusion they make of a larger space, and the way they let light through. As a result, you get that romantic feel with the vibrancy of the room, especially during mornings. While this may seem lacking in privacy for some, the light can add some sex appeal to your home, especially when it’s in a private location like a master bedroom.

The Notion of Layout

This is where the sexy side rules. Depending on the layout of a bathroom, glass walls can really make it shine. Imagine a bath tub in the centre of a bathroom with one wall of it being clear glass, looking out to a blocked-off area like a tiny atrium and a rock wall. This lends the room a Zen feel without being too exposed. Glass wall works given the right position, but you really have to figure out that perfect spot.

Whether clear glass walls are sexy or scary is purely based on your preference. Those who value privacy more would most likely feel uncomfortable having glass as the sole divider between the bathroom and another room. Perhaps glass can work for you as a shower stall, or when there’s an opaque or frosted part on it.

Nonetheless, glass has a lot of appeal, especially when it comes to modern design aesthetics. With the right design and in the right location or direction, it could make this part of your home stylish, intriguing, and sexy.

If you’re thinking of putting up glass walls around your bathroom, we at Perth City Glass can help you decide. Talk to us today to know more about our services and our insights on this matter.

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