Commercial Pool Safety: Why Glass Fencing Reigns Supreme

Visitor safety is the number one priority in commercial pools, and although it’s technically a controlled environment, the risks of swimming in a pool are as prevalent as being in open water. Accidentally falling into the pool is surprisingly a big risk, especially for small children.

Appropriate fencing usually solves this problem and although it’s easy to choose the standard steel pool fencing, glass is the superior option when it comes to ensuring safety.

Safer than Steel

One of the flaws of steel pool fencing is that, due to how it’s constructed, the balustrades form gaps people can use to actually climb into the pool. It’s also very easy to grip a steel bar or surface, and even a clumsy toddler can inadvertently climb into the pool if the fence is ‘climbable’ enough.

Glass fencing is a different story. Its surface is very smooth and slippery, meaning it’s nearly impossible for a toddler or a small child to grip on it, especially if the top portion is higher than they are. Glass pool fencing also does away with unnecessary balustrades. The glass panels are fitted together and are placed very close to the ground, meaning there’s no way for anyone to slip in-between the panels or go under the actual fence.

The biggest benefit to using glass fencing, though, is the ability to see what’s actually going on in the pool. There are no obstructions to block the view of your lifeguards, allowing them to respond faster if ever something does happen.

A Different Kind of Glass

Glass has a bad reputation for shattering and there’s no doubting how risky broken glass shards are. The glass used in pool fencing is very different from the kind used in commercial products such as mirrors and windows.

Unlike standard glass, the kind of glass used in these fences are surprisingly durable and don’t shatter into large pieces. Instead, they break into smaller pieces that stick to the surface instead of shattering all across the pool.

At Perth City Glass, we know how important it is to keep your commercial pool safe for all visitors. We offer a variety of options when it comes to pool fencing, such as framed, semi-frameless, and frameless glass fencing. Contact us today and let us help you make your pool a safer place.

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