Have Fun Safely: Keeping Pool Areas Kid-Friendly

Nobody can deny that children love water. Swimming has an inexplicable charm that attracts kids all the time. This is the reason many parents invest in homes that have pool areas, so that their children have a place to wade and splash around conveniently (not to mention the added property value that comes with swimming pools).

Pool areas, however, present their own dangers. As much as children enjoy the water, there’s always the risk of an accident, especially drowning. This is why the Australian government has written various recommendations and imposed certain regulations to keep pool areas safe for the children. As a responsible citizen and parent, it’s important that you follow these things.

First-aid know-how

One of the core recommendations of the Australian government is for someone in the household to have adequate first-aid knowledge when it comes to pool-related accidents. Knowing what to do when the unthinkable happens can save lives.

Adult supervision is also necessary when children are swimming.

Filtration protection

Spas and pools have water recirculation and filtration systems to keep the water clean. This, however, presents the risk of sucking in hair and/or body parts without the right precaution.

According to AS 1926.3, such systems must have the necessary measures to lower the risk of accidents among children. This standard encompasses different performance and safety standards pool equipment must have.

Fencing requirements

Last, all pool areas must have the right fence to keep the kids safe.

For pools constructed before the 1st of July, 1993, the Swimming Pools (Safety) Act of 1972 takes effect. This means you have to enclose the pool area with a fence, a building, or a wall (possibly a combination of the three) to prohibit kids from accessing the pool without supervision.

As for homes built after the said date, the pool area should follow the AS 1926.1. According to this Australian Standard, the fence must be permanent, at least 1.2 metres high, and effective in barring children’s access to the pool area through crawling, climbing, and similar means. The Standard also elaborates different requirements for pool area gates.

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