Glass Balcony Balustrades: Are They Child Proof?

Glass is a material that is both decorative and utilitarian in nature. Being transparent, it can make any interior look more open and welcoming, while flooding the area with natural light. There are countless different applications for it in both residential and commercial properties.

But how good is it as a balcony balustrade? Many people are thrilled with how it does not block their views from the balcony, but worry that it might not be enough protection if they have children. Fortunately, glass balustrades are perfectly adequate, even in family homes.

Why Glass Balustrades are Child Friendly

Glass has several traits that make it ideal for this purpose. First is that glass balustrades have no gaps where small hands or feet can get stuck. Many conventional balustrade designs include generous spacing, which is fine from a decorative standpoint, but can be potentially hazardous to young children.

Because of the smooth surface, kids do not have anything to grab on to, making it nearly impossible for them to climb over the barrier. Durability is not an issue either, as we can use toughened safety glass when installing your balustrades; this makes them highly resistant to shattering and other damage.

Additional Childproofing Measures

Remember, though, that a durable balustrade alone doesn’t make the balcony childproof. Kids might still find ways to climb onto chairs or other objects, letting them go over the balustrade. To make it truly safe, you should always lock the door to the balcony if you are not there to supervise the children, or even install alarms that will alert you if it opens.

Through this, you can enjoy having a gorgeous balcony without worrying. Do you want to install beautiful, yet highly functional glass balustrades anywhere within your home? If so, give us a call at any time; we would be glad to help.

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