Why Glass Balcony Balustrades are All the Rage

Balconies have always been a symbol of status and opulence. Monarchs, diplomats, and the nobility have always featured a single balcony in their properties.

Today, the appeal of a balcony is alive and well, but it has gone through some drastic changes, the most notable of which is the material people prefer. In the old days, balcony balustrades were mostly wood and stone, done with artistic and intricate designs. Now, most people would rather have balustrades made of glass.

The shift in taste is due mostly to the fact that people’s priorities have changed dramatically when it comes to architecture and engineering. Back then, people were more concerned about design and durability against the elements. Stone and wood were perfect implements for such purposes, because glass technology wasn’t as reliable as a building material other than for windows.

Glass is now more than capable of holding its own against the elements. In fact, there are many ways that they’re even better than stone; they’re easier to clean for one thing. The real reason for people preferring glass, however, is the convenience in using the material.

Glass is lightweight, easy to install, eco-friendly, beautiful, and not to mention more affordable. It’s just not practical to have heavy materials such as stone and wood somewhere so high up, especially when the lower floors that serve as its supports are made of thin metals, and glass. Glass is the perfect solution that provides beauty, protection, and affordability in one easy package.

If you’re thinking about using glass as a balustrade, splash back, or shower screen, give us a call today. Glass is the material of the future, and we’re the people who know everything there is to know about it. Our teams are always ready to answer questions about the materials strengths, and can discuss the best glass solutions for your house or office.

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