Glass Balustrades are Legally Required

If there is anything that can make a house look more suburban Australian than a barby in the yard, it’s a glass balustrade. It’s a material that presents a clean and contemporary look that typifies the casual living aesthetic that’s gaining plenty of traction in the housing and design markets. It doesn’t hurt their popularity that the law requires them.

Legal Glass

The Building Code of Australia prescribes that there must be a continuous balustrade or barrier along the side of any balcony, ramp, staircase, mezzanine, and veranda. People need to install balustrades wherever there’s a chance people might fall off. As every homeowner with any of the above-mentioned implements in their house needs to have a balustrade alongside for added safety, might as well make it as good looking as it can be.

Glass outstrips every other material in the world in terms of aesthetics. Sure, stone and wood could get carvings that would make them look like pieces of art attached to a house. Nonetheless, that wouldn’t make them much lighter, and would only increase costs. Frosted glass is an option for homeowners, which is more affordable as a design alternative, and can equal any wood or stone carving.

Strong as Glass

Most people fret about the idea that as glass is a lighter material than wood and stone it is weaker, as well. That would make sense if the glass used in balustrades were the same material used to make champagne bottles. The days of glass becoming a flimsy material are long gone, and anyone who still believes it’s not up to industry standard is doing themselves a terrible disservice.

In addition to having a balustrade wherever applicable, Australian law mandates that the glass used for balustrades goes through a gauntlet of treatments that make it resistant to heat, weight, and impact. The thing will not come crashing down even if parents let their kids play near it.

Glass is the ideal modern material that provides a house with the best in aesthetic and safety. The only trick with glass is finding the right people to install it. The search is over though, because you can contact our professional teams today and a get a deal on any of our products and services. Get all the benefits of glass, and more.

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