Glass Splashbacks & Lighting: Create a Homey Kitchen

A homey atmosphere uplifts mood and gets you comfortable and ready to start the day. Small changes and additions to its design improves its look and creates the right ambiance.

Small Renovations that Make a Difference

Installing glass Splashbacks turns an ordinary looking kitchen into a magazine-worthy look as it uses natural light and the lights you have inside. This play of light creates a certain ambiance that brings out the best in your kitchen. It also allows you to highlight the best aspects of your kitchen or certain pieces of furniture. Strategically placed Splashbacks help you save energy and reduce your expenses as they allow natural light to trickle into the kitchen.

Well-placed Splashbacks create an illusion of space because of the amount of light they let in. This makes a small kitchen look bigger than it actually is. The perceived space creates a homey and comfortable atmosphere for diners and people using the kitchen. The airy ambiance lets you relax and de-stress while eating your favourite dish after a tiring day at work.

Other than making your kitchen look spacious and allowing natural light in, Splashbacks are also customisable. Change the colours of the glass you use to match the interior design of your kitchen. Switch from blue to red to yellow or other tinges to create a distinct kitchen personality. Light colours create a relaxing mood and are perfect to help you unwind.

The Perth City Glass Promise

Glass is a diverse material that is customisable and easy to install. We care about the little things that make our customers happy. We provide quality Splashbacks that you can customise. We understand that each customer has their own preferences. We personalise glassware for kitchens and make sure it meets your design demands.

We satisfy even the most meticulous customer as it is our policy that one person measures and installs the Splashback for you. Allowing a client to observe the entire process and only deal with one person. Confusion arises from dealing with multiple people for one job. We want to achieve perfection for our clients; we do our best to meet your specifications.

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