Great Pool Additions for the Family

Backyard swimming pools are a great luxury that provide fun and relaxation to beat the stress away. To take the meaning of rest and relaxation to another level, you can install these pool additions and transform your swimming pool.

If you are looking for home improvement options, you may want to consider these pool additions:


Good lighting sets the tone for night-time swimming. It makes pool parties more colourful. Depending on your preference, you can go for traditional hues or for a more “psychedelic” look for a groovy night-time swimming experience.


These are always a good addition to pools because they offer you the chance to lie back in a more relaxing area apart from everyone else in the main pool. You can use these spillovers as spa areas for a more soothing, laid back ambiance.


You do not need to go too far off places just to enjoy the great feel of running water falling on your back. With the addition of pool waterfalls, you can get more fun and enjoyment than what conventional swimming pools can offer.


For a more fun atmosphere, you can add novelty items such as miniature slides and basketball goals to enjoy with family and friends. These pool improvements are sure to bring cheer to kids and even the kids at heart.

Glass Fencing

If you are looking for pool additions that have security and functionality along with aesthetic appeal, then you will want to consider glass fencing. They provide a level of security for pets and toddlers alike, while not obstructing the view.

Perth City Glass is the trusted name in providing glass fencing options for home improvements. Contact us today if you have any enquiries.

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