How to Create the Perfect Bathroom

As part of your home, it’s only understandable that you also take time designing the perfect bathroom. Moreover, working with a limited amount of space will make it easier to decide what fixtures to add to make it comfortable and homey.

There is one absolute no-no in designing a bathroom: no shiny, slippery surfaces. Knowing this, you can start planning your bathroom design. But where do you start?

Functionality First

It is safe to say that you will use your bathroom frequently. With this in mind, choose the basic accessories that will suit your needs. Design comes after function, so think about the fixtures that will really make the room useful and a perfect sanctuary.

Mapping Your Bathroom

The plumbing is a major factor when planning your bathroom. Consult a plumber regarding where to put the toilet, the shower, and the sink. They will help you create a spacious bathroom, especially if you have a small area.

Concerning Showers and Tubs

In truth, you want to put a tub and a shower. Assuming you haven’t much space, you’re going to forego one of them. The best choice is a tub/shower fixture. But if your bathroom just doesn’t have enough space, make the most of what you have. Use frameless shower screens or a freestanding tub. These two perfectly suit small bathrooms.

Utilize Vertical Storage

Utilising vertical storage is a great way of creating extra space in your bathroom. It also adds a visual interest in the room.

Hard and Soft Bathroom Furniture

Using soft-fabric furniture makes any bathroom more comfortable. There’s enough hard surfaces in your bathroom, so it’s good to mix it with plush features.

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