How to Transform a Bedroom

Transforming the bedroom is a great way to turn an unloved, dingy room into a cosy den perfect for spending a lot of time in.

Perth City Glass has a range of stylish products which are designed to create the perfect atmosphere in the bedroom. This is a guide to performing the ultimate bedroom makeover.


Purchase a new mirror that will brighten the room and will reflect the light creating that special ambiance.

Our mirrors are custom made so you can tailor the size and shape to suit your very own requirements.

Mirrors are available with classic bevelled or polished edges and can be installed in a variety of methods which can be discussed with our friendly staff.


Replace those old fashioned timber wardrobes with sleek styled sliding robe doors which come in a variety of different coloured frames and door infills. Select from our range of Polytec door panels, vinyl wrapped Gyprock, traditional mirrors or custom made glass coloured to match your decor.

We also supply white glass door panels which can double as a whiteboard for children’s bedrooms. These panels can be drawn on using whiteboard markers, then simply wiped clean with a damp cloth!

Glass can also be used to dress up tired bedside tables and tallboys. Simply lay on new glass tops to cover scratched or stained timber. This comes with a choice of clear and tinted glass or once again the glass can be painted to the underside in a virtually unlimited choice of colours which can match your decor.


If a bed is creaking or the frame has started to come apart, then it may be a good time to buy a new one. There are many different styles to choose from and careful thought needs to be put into finding the right bed. Beds can come with elegant headboards and frames which are extremely stylish. Choose a bed which will last a long time with a sturdy frame. If there is enough room for a four-poster bed then these can be an ideal choice.


Paint the walls a soothing colour such as light blue and add stencil patterns to make the walls really stand out. It can be a good idea to hang pictures on the walls to give the bedroom a homely feel. Remember to give the walls a fresh coat of paint every so often to prevent them from looking shabby.


If the carpet is looking worn or has become stained, then it is a good idea to think about getting a new floor for the bedrooms. There are several ways to give the bedroom floor a new lease of life: take up the carpets and give the floorboards a nice finish to create a new style without having to go out and buy a new carpet. Alternatively, choose a soft carpet in a neutral colour to complement the colour of the walls.


Lighting is one of the most important features of a bedroom. Instead of having an on-off switch, why not install a dimmer switch. Dimmed lighting can help create a cosy and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom which is preferable to having the lights on the same setting all the time.

Bedside lamps help people to read better at night. Buy lamps with eye-catching stands to make the room even more stylish.

There are many ways to transform a bedroom into a dream sleeping place. This guide is a good place to start, and following it makes a bedroom makeover much easier.

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