How to Upgrade a Bathroom

Many people see the bathroom as the last place in the house which is worthy of a renovation. However, there are many reasons to spend as much time giving the bathroom a makeover as other parts of the house. A newly upgraded bathroom can make you feel even more comfortable in your home, and may even increase the value of the house if you are looking to sell it and move on to somewhere else.

We offer a range of products which will help you to transform your bathroom. Read this helpful guide for some inspirational tips about bathroom makeovers.

Install Frosted Glass

Privacy is incredibly important in the bathroom, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to install frosted glass shower screens and windows which will prevent anyone from giving you unwanted attention whilst you are doing your ablutions. Frosted glass can be designed in an array of different styles. Traditionally, the frosted glass would cover the entire panel in a solid block. However, it is becoming increasingly fashionable to install frosted glass which has been shaped into patterns. This can add a touch of elegance to the bathroom.

Install Eco-Friendly Lighting

The lighting in the bathroom can be enhanced by using eco-friendly fixtures which use a lower level of electricity than normal bulbs. This lighting can add a soft touch to the bathroom and prevents problems such as glare.

Turn the Bathroom Into a Wetroom

Transforming an ordinary bathroom into a wet room has several advantages. Firstly, they help you to save space if you only have a small bathroom. Secondly, they help people with mobility issues because there is no need for a separate shower cubicle. Wet rooms can be elegantly designed, but remember that they must be completely watertight before they can be used.

Buy a New Sink

A cracked and leaking sink will make a bathroom look unloved. Leaks may also cause problems in the rest of the house. Buy a new sink so that the risk of leaks is significantly reduced. The range of styles for sinks is limitless, so you will have plenty of designs to choose from.

Install an Eco-Friendly Shower Head

Showerheads may start to leak if they become old or damaged. Leaking showerheads can be incredibly inefficient and may lead to increasing water bills. Replace the old showerhead with a more eco-friendly model. These showerheads are designed in a range of elegant styles, so they can make your bathroom look even better than it was before.

Re-tile the Walls

Old bathroom tiles can make the room look decrepit and unloved. A simple way to give the bathroom a lift is to re-tile the walls. The tiles could be brightly coloured or intricately patterned in order to make the room more appealing.

As this guide has shown, remodelling the bathroom can be done in a few simple steps. If you are thinking of redesigning, get in touch with us today!

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