Installing Glass on Glass

There’s a certain mystical quality about a frameless shower screen and most of it can be attributed to the act that it looks like its floating in mid-air. The only parts keeping it in place are the metal holders that look like they connect seamlessly to the bathroom wall. Anyone with experience in construction and glass installation knows that there are actually holes that serve as anchors for the shower screen, cleverly hidden from view.

Drilling Glass

The step of actually drilling these holes into the bathroom walls is actually the most difficult in installing these frameless shower screens. Installers need to take great care to ensure that they don’t break the tiles they’re drilling into. Current trends are actually making this more difficult as glass tiles become more popular as an aesthetic choice. How can installers drill a hole through glass without breaking it? Is it even possible?

Whenever you’re dealing with glass, it’s best to bet on someone or something that has the most experience working with it. For all its beauty, glass can be unpredictable, even unwieldy at times in the hands of an amateur.

The Value of Experience

This information might not be very helpful considering how hard it is to gauge someone’s experience level. It also doesn’t help that everyone has a marketing department telling the world that they’re the best. Fortunately, there are objective ways to know whether or not an installer really knows what they’re talking about.

Measuring Experience

One of the most reliable methods is to check what kind of tools they employ for the job. Drilling through glass tiles is difficult, but not impossible with the right drill bit. Another way to gauge expertise is by looking at how they assess the situation regarding the stress points of the tiles.

Any installer worth their salt knows that the setting of the tile they’re supposed to drill will have a significant role in the success of the installation. If the tile isn’t set correctly, or if the quality of the tile itself is in question, then the project will fail regardless of the installer’s skill.

One of the solutions an installer can suggest is to set a complimentary base tile, which isn’t glass, to serve as anchor of the shower screen. It may not look like the most attractive solution, but it will afford a stronger and more stable base than a faulty glass tile.

Talking to glass experts is the best way to find a solution on specific situations and circumstances of bathrooms. If you want to talk to such an expert right away, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide essential information regarding glass installation not just of shower screens, but for splash backs and fencing as well.

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