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Bathroom Design Ideas

If you are about to build your dream home, or are planning a major renovation, there are many design concepts, and glass would likely play a major role in whatever you finally decide on. Modern solutions allow for made… Read More

The Amazing Versatility of Glass in the Modern Home

Glass is a very versatile material and we use it in so many ways, yet around the house, we tend to limit the use of glass for safety reasons, as glass breaks, doesn’t it? A few decades ago, the… Read More

Modern Pool Accessories

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool at home, you will know about the essential accessories that make up a suitable pool area. Decking, awnings, and of course, the right furniture, are all essential add-ons, and… Read More

How to Keep the Sparkle in Your Glass Balustrades

As recently as a few decades ago, glass was only considered useful for doors and windows because it allows natural light to flow through a property. Homeowners wouldn’t dream of using glass to line their stairs due to the… Read More

Transform Your Garden With Glass Fencing

Glass is a timeless material and has many uses in the home. Apart from the obvious windows and doors, glass can be used with balustrades and balconies to give a clean, sleek look to any décor. With toughened glass,… Read More

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Glass Balustrades

We all want to make our homes look modern, elegant and beautiful, but it can be hard to achieve that desired look without knowledge on what products work best. Though we’ve all got our own ideas buried in our… Read More

Make Your Home Safe For Children

You and your loved one might have been together for years, and you might think that now is the time to start a family. You’ve worked hard all these years to get a good job, save some cash and… Read More

How to Upgrade a Bathroom

Many people see the bathroom as the last place in the house which is worthy of a renovation. However, there are many reasons to spend as much time giving the bathroom a makeover as other parts of the house.… Read More

Modernise Your Home With Expertly Crafted Glass Balustrades

We all like to make our homes extra special because at the end of the day, it’s our habitat, the place that provides us with everything we need to live in comfort. That doesn’t just mean having all the… Read More

How to Transform a Bedroom

Transforming the bedroom is a great way to turn an unloved, dingy room into a cosy den perfect for spending a lot of time in. Perth City Glass has a range of stylish products which are designed to create… Read More

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