Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms today have become more than just a space for bathing and keeping clean. More homeowners are starting to transform their space into a relaxing sanctuary complete with all sorts of luxuries previously unseen in this once basic space.

Creative designs and solutions can transform a simple bathroom into a refreshing and relaxing space. Keep reading to know what you should be doing to give your bath a stunning and luxurious feel.

Spa Bath

Create an ideal place to sit as you scrub by placing a stone or marble bench inside the shower. The use of technologies such as whirlpool jets and chroma therapy is another way to improve your entire bathing experience. Using a steam shower with programmable controls can also complete your spa experience.

Bigger Feel

Give your shower a larger feel by using frameless shower screens that allow adequate space for two people. Such screens can give the space an elegant and stylish look. You can also use polished nickel fittings and porcelain tiles for a simple yet sophisticated bath design.

Design Choices

Create stunning visuals in the space by combining handcrafted tiles, gold finishes, and natural stone. Glass is also a popular material for counters, sinks, and toilet enclosures, providing a stunning alternative to traditional materials. The key is to look at your bathroom in new ways and use unusual materials that can make it standout.

Hotel Inspirations

Incorporate a luxurious feel in the space by studying the bathrooms in five star hotels for inspiration on products and fittings. Some design choices inspired by hotel rooms include sleek wood vanities, stunning vessel sinks, and upholstered furniture lounges.

Entertainment in Bath

Make a huge difference in your bathroom experience by adding wireless connectivity for music. It might sound like a stretch, but at least you won’t have to sing a Capella in the shower anymore.

With the right planning and enough time exploring your options, you’ll have a luxurious bath that can satisfy you in the long run.

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