Making Your Home Look & Feel Bigger

Small homes do not always mean a downgrade. Sometimes, it brings more benefits than having a large, roomy house does. All it takes are organisation and a creative design. In fact, you can even make your house look even bigger in just a few steps.

Take a look at some of the things you can do to create the illusion of space.

Make Use of the Vertical Space

Many homeowners think that they lack space because they only utilise ones that they see. You, on the other hand, can get the most out of what your home can provide by making use of the spaces above. Rather than placing all your stuff in a few storage spaces, keep your belongings in an overhead cupboard. Use ladders to access things far above easily.

Be Creative with Colours

Colours have a huge influence on space perception. This means, with the right colour scheme, you can make your home look spacious and roomy. Light and blue hues, for instance, create a calming effect and make a small room feel a bit larger. You can even install glass flashbacks in cool colours if you want your kitchen or dining room to have a stylish ambience.

Let Natural Light In

If you want a cost-effective way to make your room look bigger, let as much natural light as you can afford. Lighting aids colours in creating differences in space and depth perception. So, skylights and larger windows can be your key in achieving this effect.

Use Glass More

The secret to opening up space in your home – or making it seem more spacious – is eliminating visual obstructions. Walls, fences, and partition are forms of enclosure that limit movements and disrupt the design flow. Avoid this by installing glass fencing or screens more. They provide superb protection while creating the illusion of space. Plus, they come in stylish designs that can complement any kind of existing theme.

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