The Makings of a Modern Bathroom

Design websites and magazines have raved about the beauty of a modern bathroom. Rightfully so, because there is beauty in simplicity. But when you want to revamp your bathroom, how do you give it that modern vibe? The answer lies in these three key elements:


Modern designs have one premise: minimalism. Far from the intricacies of Victorian and colonial styles, the modern design strives to create a striking appearance with only the bare minimum. In interior design, that bare minimum is the arrangement of lines.

Achieving this is pretty easy, as all you have to do is remove everything other than the most basic things you need in a bathroom. From there, start arranging a few décor, keeping in mind the idea of lines as you go. Soon enough, you will have simple silhouettes and clean elements that make the bathroom charming.

Modern designs work best in monochromatic palettes and neutral shades.


What makes modern bathroom designs stand out is the presence of different textures in the area. It is this fusion of simplicity, naturalness, and texture that elevates the space’s appeal. This means you have to stay away from elaborate, intricate patterns and materials. Instead, focus on what looks natural and bare, like the untreated texture of a wood plank in contrast with a plain white wall.


A modern design without glass lacks wow factor. Glass is the only material that renders a distinct sleekness in an area. In the shower area, for example, a screen gives the space a contemporary look while still performing the main function of creating borders in the area. Mirrors around the bathroom work well, too. Design-wise, you cannot go wrong with glass when you want a modern bathroom.

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