Bringing the Love of Glass by Renaissance Venetian Craftsmen to Australia

We here at Perth City Glass see our work as more than just a part of an industry or business, but as an art form as well. Clients trust our quality glass solutions, as we uphold a focus on striking a balance between strength and beauty. The demands of our customers vary greatly, and it is up to us to draw inspiration that allows us to provide them with products that stand as strong, sleek innovations to the proud heritage and craft of glassmaking.

Historical Inspiration

There are many facets to this history, but today, we will look at the birthplace of luxury glass products: along the canals of picturesque Venice, about a thousand years ago.

The Renaissance is the most prominent instance of a single age influencing a universal range of aspects to modern life. From the arts to construction, to yes, even glassblowing, artisans have paved the way for contemporary companies like us to learn how to excel in such a thorough craft.

Clear Love

Western Europe during the early 1600s was thriving on trade, and it was during that time when Venetian glassmakers displayed the degree of perfection they have achieved with the then-simplistic process of glassmaking. Many foreign artisans attempted to replicate their intricate designs, lavish colours, and innovative patterns, but the Venetian government kept their local practices under wraps.

How does this affect a company such as Perth City Glass? Especially since Venetian glass during the Renaissance was not concerned with tabletops, fences, shower screens and balustrades? How will a craft that made goblets, bowls, utensils and ampolinas possibly influence a 21st century company? The answer is simple: function over form. Sure, we may not be in the business of producing fancy spoons, but the longevity of these antique pieces simply inspires us to improve.

If Venetian glassblowers were able to create such magnificent works, what is stopping a modern company like Perth City Glass to create products that will last centuries as well? We stand by the amount of love the Renaissance artisans of Venice put into their work, and it drives us to emulate that same dedication to our loyal customers more than a millennium later.

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