A Real Glass Act: Brighten Your Home with Glass Doors and Windows

The amount of light you let inside your home has a huge impact in your interior’s visual appeal. This doesn’t mean spending a lot on expensive light fixtures and fancy floor lights.When you want a brighter living space, your starting point should be the doors and windows. Natural light, after all, is always the best source of light in interior design.

What about style?

Styles in glass doors and windows vary a lot, so this one depends on your preferences. Of course, the default choice you have is going for clear glass; although you can always choose stained ones and splashbacks should you want some extra colour.

What about privacy?

Some homeowners don’t like the idea of glass doors and windows because of the glaring issue of privacy. Indeed, having a clear glass front door bares your entire room and eliminates any notion of privacy whatsoever.

But with the right type of glass, you can boost your home’s charm without compromising privacy. Your front door shouldn’t always be clear, although it could certainly be. You can go with splashbacks and stained glass instead. With these options, you can have a glass door whilst keeping your indoor life private.

There are even ways to solve the privacy issue even if you use a clear glass door. For one, you can place the front door perpendicular to the main road. In effect, you get to keep your privacy and you say hello to a brighter home at the same time.

The same concept applies to your windows, as you can always go for opaque and translucent styles over clear ones. The amount of light won’t be the same, but it preserves your privacy.

What about security?

You shouldn’t worry so much about security when it comes to glass doors and windows. These fixtures aren’t as fragile as a wine glass. Through state-of-the-art technology, manufacturers make sure that the glass is thick and durable enough for different scenarios. Perth City Glass, for one, uses toughened glass on our products.

Bring some light and style in your home with glass doors and windows. As long as you have the right design and position, such additions will always boost the aesthetic appeal of your property.

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