Redesigning Your Shower: Modernising with Frameless Glass

The age of convoluted designs and extravagant ornaments is long gone, paving the way for more modern designs. While you may think it’s strictly for the living spaces of your home, your bathroom shouldn’t be left out.

In fact, most homeowners tend to redesign their bathrooms last simply because it’s not exactly an easy room to make over. After all, what is there to change when everything is standard tile and porcelain?

Glass: The Cleaner Alternative

As with any modernised room, the design of your bathroom should be sleek and seamless. Frameless glass stand out prominently as the material to use for your redesigning and remodelling, and it isn’t just because of its looks.

An underrated benefit of frameless glass, apart from its inherently sleek appearance, is that it isn’t as susceptible to dirt and debris as conventional materials like tiles and ceramic. Another noteworthy fact worth pointing out is that the surfaces of these traditional wall and frame material isn’t exactly smooth, so there’s a lot of room for mould and mildew to grow on.

Glass, on the other hand, is inherently smooth, so water simply slips off its surface instead of clinging on it. This means that any splashes from when you shower goes directly to the drain and not on the walls and frames of your bathroom or shower stall. Glass is also easier to clean, and more often than not, all it takes to keep the shower screen sparkling clean is a bit of soap and a generous rinse.

Frameless vs. Framed

Now you might be thinking that since glass is the material of choice for your bathroom and showers, it shouldn’t matter whether it’s framed or frameless. In reality, your decision whether to go for framed or frameless makes a big difference in both the cleanliness of your bathroom and the longevity of the frames.

Glass lasts a long time, and we make it a point to source only the highest quality glass with no imperfections. However, framed glass is less durable than its frameless counterpart as the metal frame is at a very high risk of rusting and corroding. The bathroom won’t exactly be dry after all, and in time, the combination of heat and dampness takes its toll on the metal frames.

With frameless glass, you won’t have to worry about any frames rusting or corroding. The fact that it’s frameless means that you also won’t be limited by selection; you can source customised frameless shower screen or panel easily without worrying if it would fit your shower stall.

At Perth City Glass, we know that the way to go when it comes to modernising your bathroom and showers is through frameless glass. It isn’t just visually appealing; you’ll make cleaning your bathroom less of a chore as well.

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