Simple Improvements that Increases Your Estate’s Value

It is no secret that home improvements, no matter how minor it is, significantly raises the selling value of a home.

A valuer assesses a property on a number of merits. On top of room sizes and renovation potential, the quality of existing fixtures and fittings, and its installation, count in the assessment. If you aim to increase the value of your property, you should start improving your home by switching to better materials and adding pieces that will improve its appeal.

Experts say, installation of fixtures can increase a house value for as much as 5%. Glass is one of the most presentable architectural materials these days. Here is how you can use more glass at home:

Upgrade your staircase

Before, stairs were nothing but a functional fixture that connects multiple storey houses. Well, not anymore. Like the glass balustrade, your home will benefit more from glass staircase compared to the traditional wooden stairs. These do not cover the walls and do not occupy too much space, as glasses do not rely on the thickness for durability.

Add a poolside protection

Poolside glass fences are increasingly becoming popular for functionality and style. Homeowners with children will be happy about thischild-friendly security. Another good thing about this is it does not hamper the view.

Change your balustrading

Balustrading is a social sign and an eye-catching wall portion even back in the Renaissance period. The designs, however, have changed and newer materials have improved the once cluttered and bulky fixtures. If you want to attract buyers with taste in modern designs, install glass balustrades instead. We have a wide selection of glass balustrading for homes.

You can always advertise these improvements and count it as a plus for your estate’s amenities. By installing glass materials in place of your outdated and space-consuming masonry, wood or metal balustrade, staircase and fence, your investment has a bright future coming on.

If you have more questions about glass fixtures, browse through our website or contact us.

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