Tips and Tricks on Cleaning Glass Surfaces, Mirrors and Windows

Cleaning windows and glass can be frustrating. Anyone who owns a tablet or smartphone without a screen protector is familiar with this kind of struggle. How can you clean a glass surface without leaving smudgy streaks on it? It’s almost as if glass is ruined as soon as an oily human makes contact with them. The problem multiplies with windows and mirrors.

The Right Tool

Fortunately, as mirrors and windows aren’t connected to any kind of electronics, there are certain tools and techniques you can use to clean them. First, use a squeegee; it’s astonishing to see the difference one tool can do to make all your problems go away forever. Squeegees and sponges don’t have any seams or lines, which means there’s nothing there to leave smudges or marks.

 Not a Sunny Day

Contrary to popular belief, don’t wash your windows while the sun is out. Conventional wisdom states that cleaning anything on a sunny day is preferable because it dries faster. But the combination of glass and the Australian summer make this a very bad strategy.

If you want to clean windows properly, you’ll need to apply wash before rinsing. The sun could dry the wash before you could rinse properly, and you’ll have an even streakier mess. It’s better to wait for some cloud cover, so you can do your work at your own pace, and the glass can dry with no rush.

Up, and then Down

Another useful technique that should be obvious is the ‘top to bottom’. Whenever washing glass surfaces, owners should start cleaning the top part, and work downwards in vertical strokes. The reason for this technique is two-fold; 1) it prevents drips on the bottom part from bothering cleaners – because they’ll clean it later on anyway, and 2) Gravity can lend a hand by prepping the bottom part to while you’re working on the top part.

If you have any question regarding glass care, give us a call. Our team works with glass all day, and knows everything there is to know about them.

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