How Tough is Toughened Glass?

When it comes to safety, almost everyone trusts toughened glass – be it for windshields, shower screens, or wall panels. Indeed, this material is one of the finest construction products around, especially with the way you can keep your property safe whilst maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a space.

Sure, toughened glass has gone a long way to being a trusted material for construction projects, but how tough exactly is this thing?

How tough is toughened glass?

You can measure the toughness of tempered glass in different ways. For one, this material can withstand high temperatures for extended periods of time. This is why it fits perfectly in kitchen splashbacks and other features.

It’s very difficult to smash through. The glass can easily resist blunt force and you can’t cut or drill through it, either. Toughened glass has four to five times better mechanical strength than the usual annealed glass we’re familiar with. Ergo, external pressures have to be in tremendous amounts to break the material.

Moreover, even if the glass reaches its breaking point, it will simply show cracks. By design, toughened glass prevents shattering. Should it come to a point that it breaks, it would yield tiny, blunt pieces instead of the long, jagged shards commonly associated with glass.

In Australia, toughened glass manufacturers have to comply with different standards that define the toughness of this material. Through standards such AS/NZS 2208:1996 and 1288:2006, you can be sure that you’re getting glass that features great durability.

What gives toughened glass its toughness?

We have science to thank for the toughness of tempered glass. The material goes through a series of unique processes to give it better durability than the typical glass.

Toughened glass begins as the regular float glass we know. From its initial condition, the manufacturer subjects the glass to a long process that improves its overall thermal shock resistance and tensile and flexural strength. The glass normally reaches 600°C in the process, which is then followed by a rapid cool down process through a blast of air. The procedure causes the glass to contract and harden, resulting in the ever-reliable toughened glass.

With the right specifications, we can create toughened safety glass that fits your property’s dimensions. Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help you.

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