Transform Your Garden With Glass Fencing

Glass is a timeless material and has many uses in the home. Apart from the obvious windows and doors, glass can be used with balustrades and balconies to give a clean, sleek look to any décor. With toughened glass, safety is no longer an issue, and with a range of styles and finishes, it is possible to create a unique ambience, either inside or out.

Glass Fencing

Ideal in pool areas, glass fencing can be framed or frameless, and if used with stainless steel, it can really enhance any area. The pool is a wonderful addition to the home, but safety is paramount, and with a sleek glass fence with a gate in the right place, will prevent accidents by restricting access. The fact that glass is transparent means the ambience will not be affected by installing a glass fence, and if you are seated, you still have complete visibility.

Ideal for Balconies

Glass fencing is ideal for balconies and terraces, as you have the protection, without compromising visibility, and that view is too good to block out. Made to measure units ensure a good fit, and you can choose from a range of frame materials, which includes anodised aluminium that is powder coated, and comes in a wide range of colours. If your balcony is above ground level, even more reason to install a glass fence, as this allows you to enjoy the fabulous view, while still having the necessary protection.

Add Value to the Property

If your home is surrounded with glass fencing, this will add value and also give you a higher level of security. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of using glass in the home, and are living in Western Australia, we at Perth City Glass would be happy to show you how glass can add style and safety to your property, and with everything tailor made, your new glass fencing will enhance the ambience.

Maintenance Free

One of the advantages with glass fencing is the fix and forget, as there is no maintenance, apart from the occasional wipe with glass cleaner, which will keep the fencing looking like new. The frame can be stainless steel, or perhaps anodised aluminium, and if you really want a sleek look, frameless is the way to go.

Glass Balustrades

These are very attractive, both inside and out, with many staircases benefitting from using glass balustrades, and with tailored solutions, any staircase can be effectively protected with glass. There is a range of colours if you’d prefer something a little less transparent, and with a choice of frames, there is something to suit every environment.

The Right Supplier

Everything depends on the company that supply and install the glass fencing, so make sure you deal with an established company that has extensive experience in residential work. At PCG, we have a wealth of experience in all types of glass work, both domestic and commercial, so if you need an expert opinion, contact us today and we will be happy to advise on any aspect of glazing in the home.

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