Why Toughened Glass is Ideal for Home Safety

Are you afraid that the glass you use is too frail? There are plenty of options for homeowners, when it comes to installing glass. But the ideal choice is toughened glass because of its diverse usage, durability, and the safety it provides homeowners.

Why choose toughened glass?

Safety is top priority for homeowners, using the sturdiest material is a must when you renovate or design your house. You need to install tough materials to make sure they last long and withstand high impact due to an attempted break-in or extensive use.

Toughened glass is an ideal option for homeowners who place security and safety at the top of their priorities. This material provides durable support for balustrades and kitchen splashbacks.

Glass balustrades must be sturdy because of the high traffic it faces daily. Children might be running up and down the stairs, with toughened safety glass, they will be safe. They provide a durable barrier to keep old people and kids from falling off inadvertently.

Toughened glass is not just for keeping people safe from falling off the stairs, it also provides a touch of creativity to your kitchen. Splashbacks are an excellent addition to a home that needs natural light.

Splashbacks allow you to play with natural light and layered lighting to create a certain mood in the kitchen. Use tinted glass in various colours to bring out the best in your kitchen.

High traffic and impact places, such as doors and side panels require durable material. Toughened glass makes sure that intruders will have a difficult time trying to burst through the door and panels on your home.

Why Perth City Glass?

Perth City Glass provides homeowners with durable and affordable toughened glass. We will install durable glass doors, low-level glazing and side panels next to your door. Our products meet Australian Standards that guarantee top quality.

Our glass products can withstand intense heat and high impact to keep people safe and add a touch of creativity to your home’s design.

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